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Permanent Placement


At any level of recruiting, understanding your Client and the factors that go into a hiring decision are paramount. Nowhere is this more true as in the attraction and placement of full time, permanent staff.


KTR's consultative approach brings value to our Clients and Candidates alike in this area. We work closely with Human Resources and Hiring Managers to construct a recruiting strategy, whether it be for one position or multiple hiring needs.


Our proven recruiting process ensures that we source candidates that have all the information they need in order to make the decision to pursue an opportunity. We make sure the candidates understand the role, responsibilities, culture, career potential, & benefits before they are presented and interviewed by our Clients.


KTR offers the flexibility of contingent, retained, or hybrid fee structures for our Clients; ensuring that we can provide a customized solution depending on our Client's specific requirements.

"Execution focused, accountable for deliverables, and has provided services and thinking well over and beyond what was expected."

- Senior Manager, Major Oil & Gas Producer

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