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What We Do... Really Well.

Our extensive database, networking channels, and industry knowledge allow us to provide an exceptional level of service to our Clients and Technical Professionals.


However, our true value lies in the fact that we take the time to listen to our Clients and understand their unique requirements, not only the technical skills required, but also the personality and attitude required to ensure an excellent match with our Client's culture.


We believe that an open dialogue between our Technical Professionals, Client Managers & Human Resources is a key factor in developing a successful recruiting solution.


Whether it be Contract, Contract to Hire, or Permanent Staffing Solutions, KTR can be counted on to be your true partner in delivering Quality, Integrity, and of course, Results.

"KTR maintains a high standard of fairness and integrity, and has a solid foundation in the recruiting & resourcing industry."


- HR Director, Global Engineering Company


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